Daniel Yim

Hello, my name is Daniel Yim. While I was growing up, we moved a lot, up and down the coast of California. I was always adapting to new towns, new schools. I learned to surf, snowboard, and how to survive the gang-ridden towns of the 90’s. I became someone who felt the need to protect those that couldn’t protect themselves. Joining the Marine Corps at 22, I learned as a Sergeant and a squad leader how to adapt and overcome, how to lead by taking the initiative and how to make critical decisions during stressful situations. 

Becoming a Product Designer has allowed me to harness my professional experiences and my deep empathy for people who survive in extreme situations. Whether I’m creating shelter for LA’s homeless nomads or a robot that will replace TSA, finding solutions entails an attack from every direction, the research, feasibility testing, and prototyping. I constantly strive to create applications and services that will directly impact our quality of life.

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Camelbak products llc

Backpack/softgoods Intern
May 2017 - Aug 2017
Petaluma, CA

Giro Sport Design

Footwear/softgoods Intern
Jan 2017 - Apr 2017
Scotts Valley, CA

United States Marine Corps

Sergeant E-5
Feb 2004 - Aug 2011


ArtCenter College of Design

Pasadena, CA
Bachelor of Science, Product Design, 2018

Art institute Orange County

Santa Ana, CA
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design, 2010


Student Gallery

MUJI 3D prototype desktop accessories
R/C 1935 Ford Woody 3D prototype truck
Ultra Trail Running shoe 3D prototype

Core Strengths

craftsmanshipmakersoft goods